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Google Analytics app now out for iOS

Google has released a dedicated Google Analytics app for iOS, so iPhone owning webmasters can now track their site's progress more conveniently while on the move, as well as those with Android.

The Google Analytics app first emerged on Android two years ago, so it has been a long wait for iOS users. But at least the waiting is over now...

The app offers real-time reports to keep you bang up to date with what's happening with your site traffic, and all the core stats you'd expect such as audience reports, along with acquisition, behaviour and conversions.

It's easy to use, clean looking, and available for users of iOS 6 or better (having been optimised for the iPhone 5).

Early reviews on iTunes seem to be leaning towards the favourable, with some users definitely impressed. One noted that the app was: "Awesome! Easy to use. It found my google accounts by itself. Been wanting this for a while now."

If you go ahead and download it (or indeed you've already installed it), let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Google also recently released the YouTube Creator Studio app on iOS and Android, which allows video moguls to monitor their YouTube channel's success (or lack of it) when out and about.