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Google and Samsung have a domestic: Fresh rumours of smartwatch spat

Reportedly at loggerheads once more, Google and Samsung appear to have fallen out over smartwatches.

Larry Page, Google's CEO, is believed to be upset because Samsung has chosen to promote the Tizen platform, rather than Android, for its smartwatch range.

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Though Google recently joined forces with LG to launch Android Wear, Page still seems to have taken a dim view of the Samsung initiative.

According to industry sources, Google's head had a "tense private meeting" in early July with Jay Y. Lee, Samsung's vice chairman, where he indicated his dismay that Samsung's investment strategy is slanted towards devices such as the Gear Fit and Gear 2 – both employing the Tizen platform – rather than deployed in support of Android Wear.

Despite having failed to meet its own deadline to bring a new smartphone featuring Tizen's open source software to the market, Samsung has nevertheless let it be known that Tizen is destined to play a big part in future projects.

When designing the new Gear Live smartwatch, Samsung in essence chose to merely re-purpose its Gear 2 hardware to enable it to run the Google software, rather than engineering a fresh design more likely to highlight the new Android Wear OS, thus making its new features potentially more desirable to consumers.

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However, Samsung will no doubt argue the need for design consistency across its range, and probably resent Google's attempt to influence its investment priorities.

Though Google and Samsung have publicly appeared to rub along fairly contentedly in recent times, there are signs they remain sharply divided in a number of core areas.