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Google says Android Wear API is coming soon

Google has confirmed that it will be offering official support to third-party watch faces for its Android Wear operating system.

Android Wear was launched back in March of this year but until now there has been no word on the company's stance toward third party features. This hasn't stopped developers from making their own watch faces, but today the firm advised them to wait for the release of the official API.

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Android has a history of accepting outside developers and Google's senior developer advocate, Wayne Pierkarski said that its wearable OS will be no different.

"Customization has helped Android thrive, and the same will be true for Android Wear. And to make sure that you're able to create the richest experience possible, we're hard at work on a custom watch face API."

The search engine giant has also said developers wishing to publish watch faces before the API launch should post their apps through the Alpha or Beta channels in the Play Developer Console.

Pierkarski also explained that the API requires some substantial development and most likely won't be complete until the Android Wear OS is migrated to Android L.

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"Custom watch faces are activities running inside another process. However, they have some special considerations due to interactions with the stream and always-on ambient mode–including using a shorter peek card, moving the status indicators for battery and mute, and rendering the faces differently in ambient mode," he added.

The official Android Wear API is expected to be released later this year.