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Google’s Samsung partnership on the rocks over smartwatch conflict

Sources indicate that Google and Samsung's conflicting smartwatch plans have brought the two companies to loggerheads.

The Information reports that Google CEO Larry Page believes that the South Korean firm is more invested in its own Tizen mobile platform than Google's Android Wear operating system.

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While Samsung has launched a smartwatch that uses Android Wear, the Samsung Gear Live, the firm already has three Tizen smartwatches on the market, the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

Apparently the search engine firm wants Samsung to focus more on Android Wear because of the tighter integration it offers with other Android devices already on the market.

Further information suggest that the most recent disagreement between the two companies is just one of many disputes going on behind the scenes. Rumours suggest that Samsung is upset by what they perceive as "bullying" tactics by Google.

Samsung's launch of its own Galaxy Apps last week is also likely to be a contentious issue. The app store is designed exclusively for the firm's own smartphones and is likely to be an attempt to eat into Google's Play Store revenue.

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Last year tensions were also noted to be high between the two as Google reportedly asked Samsung to modify its own custom Android skin to bring it more in line with its own vision.