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How to install Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular systems for word processing that is used by millions of individuals across the globe. One of the benefits of this software is that it is extremely easy to work with; particularly in reference to its installation. In fact, Word can be saved onto a PC or laptop within minutes. Let us look at how this is accomplished.

Licensed software

It should first be noted that there is no such concept as a "free" Word platform. On the contrary, it needs to be purchased in a store or downloaded from the Microsoft website. Having said this, an installation CD will be used if it were physically bought from a retail outlet. Simply inserting this CD into the computer will complete the installation automatically. However, you will require the sixteen-digit code in order for the validity of the version to be verified. Once this is entered, Word (and the entire Office suite) will be transferred onto your hard drive in a matter of minutes.

A second method is to purchase Word (again, usually alongside Office) via the Internet. The same procedure will normally take place and you will again be required to enter in the verification code before the download wizard will complete the installation. Depending upon the settings of your computer, you may need to disable any firewalls to recognise Word. An .exe file will first need to be saved onto your desktop, as this will enable the remainder of the installation of the Office suite. When given the option to "Open" or "Save" the file, you will choose "Save". Thereafter, the installation wizard will guide you through the remainder of the process.

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Either of these methods will take a short period of time and as the software is registered with Microsoft, any problems during the download can be addressed by a Microsoft technician.