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Mobile app of the day: Boots

If you are a fan of Boots the chemist and have one of the company's loyalty cards, then this app might appeal. You can rest assured that your card will always be with you as it is on your phone and not in a pile of similar cards that you might easily leave at home. Moreover, the app does more for you than the plastic loyalty card ever can.

For example, there's a current list of offers within the app that you can redeem without the need for a paper voucher, and a news feed that gives you brand, product and in-store information. The store locator lets you find Boots branches near you and gives information about their opening times and other services – for example pharmacy services.

The Boots app includes a barcode scanner you can use to get more information about particular items – scan an item in-store and you can see reviews and ratings. And you can even buy through the app itself, and collect in-store later. The app also tells you how many loyalty points you have accrued and precisely what they are worth in pounds and pence.

Click here to download Boots for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Boots

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free