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Snowden may end up in Guantanamo Bay... and he "can live with that"

Edward Snowden has revealed in a recent interview that he is not afraid of going to a military prison.

"If I end up in chains in Guantanamo, I can live with that," Snowden said.

In a recent extensive video interview with the Guardian newspaper, Snowden also revealed that the NSA enjoyed passing around "sexually compromising" intercepted pictures of attractive naked people from millions of Yahoo webcam feeds.

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"These are seen as sort of the fringe benefits of a surveillance position, but why is that on a government database?"" said Snowden.

After being named a 'whistleblower' for leaking tens of thousands of NSA's surveillance program documents last year, Snowden, who now lives in Russia, is now being labelled by some as a spy for Russian President Vladimir Putin, a claim which he rejects.

However, Snowden revealed he is happy in his new life and has been learning Russian recently. He declined to showcase any of his recent learnings, though.

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"The last thing I want is clips of me speaking Russian, floating around the Internet," he said, laughing.

Snowden remains a controversial figure in the media, with some labelling him as a hero, while others have branded him a danger to national security.

"Snowden is the reason Yahoo now wants to be an industry leader on encryption. This is undeniable, even if you think Snowden is a traitor," Chris Soghoian, a privacy advocate with the American Civil Liberties Union said on Twitter.