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iPhone 6 expected to be super-thin handset, set for iPad Air-style trim down

The latest rumour concerning Apple's next smartphone claims that the firm is working to make the handset super-thin – an iPhone Air, if you will.

According to the ever-springing font of rumours that is DigiTimes, Asian component manufacturers are shrinking the thickness of multiple components for the iPhone 6 – including the chassis, display, and battery.

The measurements of the battery are mentioned specifically, with the new iPhone having a battery which is only two-thirds the thickness of the power plant in the iPhone 5 (2mm as opposed to 3mm).

The iPhone 5S was hardly thick at 7.6mm, either, so we could be looking at a 6mm or a fraction over handset. The source of the speculation says that the battery has a similar capacity, so should provide the same longevity (going backwards on that front is not really an option for Apple, let's face it).

The iPad Air saw Apple trim 1.9mm off its predecessor's thickness of 9.4mm, but of course, we're not likely to see quite that much shrinkage on a smaller phone.

DigiTimes also noted that the component makers are "facing technological difficulties" in terms of even maintaining yield rates, which is something we've already heard buzz about – particularly as concerns the larger rumoured iPhone phablet, the 5.5in display of which has supposedly caused trouble which will delay this model.

It's expected to arrive a month or so later than the 4.7in iPhone 6, which should launch mid-September. Production of the 4.7in iPhone 6 is literally just about to kick off, or so we've heard.

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