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BitTorrent brings secretive new product to the testing ground

BitTorrent has been branching out over the past year, introducing new products such as Sync and Chat, both being encrypted and with a promise that user data is protected. Now the organisation is looking to test a new product, but information is scant.

BitTorrent posted a short and mysterious blog post asking for testers to try out a new product, which it claims is for web browsers.

Coming soon to BitTorrent Labs, a new browser product. So today we’re putting out a call for testers. As always it’s you, the community, that helps us make great products.

This is a chance to get an early look at new technology. Please sign up to be among the first to try it out and offer us your feedback.

So, there is no real hint about what customers will be getting early access to, but the signup process is fairly straight-forward. If you would like to get in on the action then head over to the announcement, click the blue "sign up" button and get started. This will be a part the organisation's Labs division, which has previously produced some very cool products.