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EE network error bombards customers with scores of marketing messages

EE has apologised to thousands of customers after mistakenly bombarding them with text messages over the weekend that saw some users receive almost 100 messages.

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The technical error saw customers given SMS reminders that they were eligible to add certain numbers to their plans that can be called for free and one customer in particular complained of having received 90 marketing messages from EE’s Orange brand.

"This reminder should only be sent once, but some customers are getting multiple reminders,” wrote Miles, a member of the company’s community team quoted by the BBC. "If you've received any of these duplicate messages, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Remember: you're not charged to receive magic number reminders."

Orange’s marketing message read as follows: "Hi from Orange. Congratulations: you can now add another Magic Number.” This was followed by a link that users could click in order to add an extra magic number to the account in question.

Customer complaints flooded in on social media sites and the company’s community page, with many bemoaning the annoyance at receiving such a high volume of messages.

"What is going on here? Both my wife and myself have been bombarded with texts about adding a new magic number for several days now and I'm getting mighty sick of it," stated one angry customer of EE’s site.

Twitter user Siobhan Ring, meanwhile, tweeted, "If I get one more text from @orange saying I can add a new magic number I may scream!! Receiving around 50 a day!"

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EE, which has fully acknowledged the problems, stated that it hoped to give customers an update at some point on Monday and at the time this article was published it hadn’t yet done so or clarified the number affected by the problem.