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Google Fiber won’t be hitting UK in the near future

There has been some talk that Google is planning on bringing its fibre broadband service over to the UK, but apparently that isn't the case according to a clarification the big G went on to make.

Google Fiber, as you're probably aware, is the search giant's fibre rollout which has hit certain parts of the US (such as Kansas and Austin), offering blazingly fast 1000Mbps download (and indeed upload) speeds.

And according to a report in the Telegraph, Google has been in talks with CityFibre concerning bringing such a service to the UK.

However, the newspaper claims that talks fell through due to CityFibre getting nervous about the damage a potential partnership could cause to its existing partners, namely BSkyB and TalkTalk, with which CityFibre is bringing 1Gbps fibre to York at some stage next year.

Following this report, Engadget sought clarification on the matter, and Google denied any plans to bring its Fiber service across the Atlantic. The firm told Engadget: "We have informal conversations with other telecom companies all the time. But we've never had any serious planning discussions about bringing Google Fiber to Britain."

Of course, that could be a PR damage control denial, but the strong wording suggests otherwise.

Even so, while we might not be seeing Google Fiber in the UK in the nearer-term, there are other cities in line for 1000Mbps connections courtesy of CityFibre (and friends) like York – Coventry was recently announced, also joining Peterborough which was promised a £30 million fibre investment last autumn.

Having the muscle of Google behind CityFibre obviously wouldn't hurt, though.