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Mobile app of the day: LinkedIn Connected

LinkedIn is quite simply the must-have business service for people who want to stay in the proverbial loop these days. If you don't have a profile set up and you aren't using it effectively, then you could be missing some important workplace tricks.

LinkedIn users will be aware that there are mobile apps to help you use the main LinkedIn service while you are out and about. However, LinkedIn has just launched a new app, LinkedIn Connected for iPhone. The app focuses on helping you build relationships by delivering information about people in your network. It'll tell you when people change jobs, or have work anniversaries or birthdays, for example.

The app is built around what LinkedIn calls "anticipatory computing". Basically that means it can look at your calendar, see who you are meeting with and then send you key information about those people. It'll even remind you about social events you should ask about as well as work stuff. So now, when you meet Jane for the first time in six months, you'll be able to ask her how the kids are doing or wish her a happy birthday because LinkedIn has prompted you to do so.

Click here to download LinkedIn Connected for iOS.

Product: LinkedIn Connected


Price: Free