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BBC iPlayer and website issues are now fixed

The BBC has announced that it has solved the issues which have recently been plaguing both its website and iPlayer service.

You may have seen that at the weekend, from Saturday morning, some users trying to play programmes on the iPlayer (including the likes of QI and CBBC) and videos on the Beeb's website were unable to get them working. Indeed, the BBC website was put into a "simplified" mode with a warning message letting surfers know this was the case – and that warning was still in effect yesterday.

Our readers also let us know that they were still experiencing problems yesterday morning, when we reported on the story, but apparently all has been fixed according to the Beeb (and the warning message has been removed from the website).

At midnight last night, the BBC iPlayer account tweeted: "After a short interruption, services for all @BBC #iPlayer & #iPlayerRadio users are back up and running. We're sorry for the inconvenience."

The BBC also issued a statement to say: "BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer Radio and other parts of BBC Online that were affected by problems over the weekend are now up and running. Our teams continue to investigate the problem to ensure this doesn't happen again."

So what was the problem? Details on that aren't forthcoming yet, as the incident is still being investigated, but apparently we will be treated to a statement which will make the nature of the glitch(es) clear in due course.