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Windows 10 screenshot leaks reveal closer look at new Start Menu as release date draws closer

Windows 9 is looming ever closer on the horizon, and leaked screenshots of a developer build hints that the new operating system (OS) will include a new Start Menu alongside windowed Metro / Modern-style apps.

The screenshots were obtained by Myce, and were pinched from a Windows build codenamed "Threshold." This moniker is widely believed to reference Windows 9, which will ship next year.

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The screenshots prove that Windows 9 will mark a major desktop revamp for Microsoft's OS. We caught a glimpse of a new start menu earlier this year at Microsoft's Build conference in April, but these leaks are the first time fully windowed apps have been mentioned.

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If the redesign ultimately allows resizable apps that can run on the desktop and a start menu, Windows 9 would be a pretty sharp turn away from the future that Windows 8 promised; more like Windows 7 with an app store and a touch-friendly UI option.

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Some may see that as a step backwards, but Windows 8 was widely criticised when it first launched for departing too dramatically from what loyal Windows customers were used to. One of the key problems with Windows 8 is that it can be difficult to navigate from a desktop PC – it focussed too strongly on the still relatively nascent tablet market.

A hybrid of the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 could make for the perfect cocktail of success in Windows 9, pleasing both PC and touchscreen users by making it more mouse and keyboard friendly.

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Alysia Judge
Alysia Judge

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