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Mobile app of the day: iMeet

Lots of businesses these days have staff who don't spent a lot of time physically in each other's presence. Such people have used telephone conferences to catch up for many years now, and more sophisticated services like Skype have really earned a strong place in people's hearts and minds. But there are a lot of other conferencing services out there too, and one is iMeet.

There are different conferencing packages available from iMeet, and because this is a service that focuses on companies you'll find Microsoft Lync and Cisco Webex are catered for. There are product offerings designed for small businesses and large enterprises. And there are tablet and smartphone apps too, which is why iMeet makes it as an app of the day.

You can use iMeet to conference with up to a massive 125 people, schedule meetings, record meetings, use the cloud for file storage, and share screens within meetings so you can easily demonstrate something, share pictures, or look at web pages for example. And while iMeet itself is a charged for service, meeting guests can get in for free.

Click here to download iMeet for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: iMeet

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free (app is free, iMeet requires subscription)