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New tabs improve Microsoft's Bing in Google Chrome

Bing is a wonderful search engine. My love for it is hardly a secret. However, while Internet Explorer is getting better all the time, Chrome is still my preferred browser on Windows, Linux and OS X. Unfortunately, using Bing as the default search engine on Chrome just felt wrong. I pictured Google employees spying on my web activity and shaking their heads in disappointment at my horrible crime.

Of course, that is not really happening (I hope), but still Bing on Chrome felt out of place and third-rate in comparison to Google. Today, this changes as Bing comes to new tabs in the Chrome browser.

"Searching just got simpler for people using Chrome with their default search engine set to Bing. Now when you open a new tab in your browser, you will get quick access to the Bing search box (and associated Page Zero features) as well as the frequently used sites you're used to", says Michael Schechter, Principal Group Program Manager, Bing.

Schechter further explains, "to enable this, go to Chrome's Settings, and set your search engine to Bing (under 'Search'), or follow the steps on this page. People who already have Bing selected will see this automatically after upgrading their browser to the latest version of Chrome".

To show that we can all get along, I decided to make Bing the default search engine on Chrome, running on my Mac (Hackintosh). In other words, Microsoft's search engine, as default on Google's browser, running on Apple's operating system. Can't you just picture Tim Cook, Satya Nadella and Larry Page embracing in a manly three-way hug?


The end result is the following, when a new tab in Chrome is opened:


Pretty cool right? If you are a Chrome browser user, who is Bing-curious, now is the time to try the search engine. Tell me how you like it in the comments.

Photo credit: Richard M Lee / Shutterstock