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Samsung already tearing into upcoming iPhone 6 with screen envy advert

Samsung's marketing machine has already armed and fired the advertising cannons at the iPhone 6, two months before the phone is set to even launch (it's not even being made yet – though production lines should crank up this week, according to reports).

Anyway, Samsung's ad concerns the fact that Apple is making devices which much larger screen sizes (4.7in and 5.5in), and finally joining the world of Android devices including the Galaxy S5 which have had these 5in-odd screens for a long while now.

The ad (which you can view above) was spotted by Pocket Lint, and sees two friends sitting down, one an iPhone owner, the other with an S5. The iPhone guy is excited by the bigger iPhone screen story, but the S5 guy is unimpressed, and the Samsung commentary notes that the "next big thing is already here" with the 5.1in full HD screen of the Galaxy S5.

It's a fairly obvious shot to take at Apple, but an amusing little ad nonetheless.

The truth of the Galaxy S5 versus iPhone battle is a little different to what the Samsung marketeers suggest, however, certainly according to some UK figures we reported on at the end of last month. They showed the S5 trailing the existing iPhone 5S and 5C – and that's still the case this month – let alone the iPhone 6.

And the quantities of which Apple is preparing to ship the iPhone 6 in suggests that Cupertino firmly believes this one will be a storming success (it features some more major changes than we're used to with iPhones).

Time will tell, of course, but given the S5's rather flat sales in comparison to current iPhones, at the moment things are shaping up well for Apple and its September iPhone 6 launch.

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