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New video shows LG display’s poster boy qualities

Anyone that once owned an old cathode ray tube TV will know that once they break they’re almost useless…unless used as a rather large doorstop.

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The next wave of OLED television and displays won’t have that problem and a new video from LG shows that if you’ve got nowhere to put spare toilet rolls they have the answer.

Its short clip shows the 18in panel being bent back and forth, and according to Slash Gear it can apparently be rolled up into a tube that is just 3cm in diameter – just about the right size and length to store all that bog roll on.

Of course the fact the display can be rolled up opens up various other possibilities such as digital newspapers that actually act like their real-world counterparts and screens that are easily store in, say, a car once they aren’t needed.

The advent of flexible displays that are incredibly thin could also be the shot in the arm that the laptop industry needs as much smaller form factors that challenge tablets would become a reality.

So next time you see a booth at a show and think that it’s simply a pile of posters they’re giving away then look again and you could be staring straight at your laptop’s next display.

As for how high it expects the technology to go, LG Display explained that it can use the same process to create up to 50in rollable panels using the same OLED technology and it’s unclear whether screens that size will end up shipping commercially.

It also released a video for the transparent version of the display in a lit up room to show off how easy it is to see a human hand through the other side and LG thinks that its version is more transparent than any other one on the market.