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Nvidia launches new Shield tablet with PC streaming capabilities

Nvidia has launched a new gaming tablet that works with a specially designed controller.

The device, which boasts an 8in screen and an Android-powered Shield operating system, is the company's second handheld device, but first to be sold outside the US.

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Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games at the IHS Global consultancy, questioned how big the market for the device was.

"One major weakness of the Shield ecosystem is the lack of desirable games exclusives," he said.

"The ability to stream games from a [Nvidia graphics card] GeForce GTX-equipped PC over home Wi-Fi via the device to the TV is attractive, but only to a small sub-segment of PC gamers."

The firm has claimed that the tablet offers near-console graphics quality when streaming PC titles to a connected TV, but did admit that the visual were compromised by the fact that PC graphics have to be compressed to send over Wi-Fi.

The device comes in two versions, with the 16GB edition costing $299 (£229) and the 32GB version with 4G capability setting the consumer back $399 (£299).

The wireless controller, which costs an additional $59.99 (£49.99) goes head-to-head with rival smart device controllers from Moga, Logitech and Samsung. Nvidia has stated that its device uses a Wi-Fi connection, instead of a Bluetooth one, in order to reduce latency.

Nvidia's first tablet gaming device, the Shield Portable is thought to have had disappointing sales figures, leading some to suggest the new product is a kind of tech demo, designed to get other manufacturers to use Nvidia's technology in their devices.

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However, Chris Daniel, a senior project manager at the firm denied this was the case.

"I'm not ruling it out," he said, "But the focus is on our own Shield devices for now."