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TalkTalk TV subscribers hit 1.1m amidst healthy financial results

TalkTalk has announced that it now has 1.1 million subscribers to its budget pay-TV service, after adding 185,000 customers in the most recent quarter.

The broadband firm relaunched its TV package last summer to include a YouView box and has now become the fastest-growing pay-TV provider. The company has also increased revenue by over 3 per cent to £434 million in the second quarter when compared with last year.

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Chief executive Dido Harding said that the firm was on track for 4 per cent revenue growth during 2015, as her own earnings were boosted to £6.8 million by her long term incentive scheme.

TalkTalk has also seen an increase in subscribers to its other services, albeit in more modest numbers. 10,000 broadband customers were added during the last quarter, with a further 24,000 signed up for mobile contracts and 34,000 added to its fibre broadband package.

Average monthly revenue per customer, however, has remained largely the same year-to-year, decreasing slightly on the previous quarter to £26.36.

The company also announced the renewal of its multi-year deal with Sky, extending access to the broadcaster's movies and sports channels. TalkTalk customers will be able to view catch-up content from Sky Movies and Sky Sports, including the recently launched Sky Sports 5 channel.

"We expect revenue growth to again, build through the year and we are on track to deliver our FY15 revenue and margin guidance, and medium-term financial targets," said Harding.

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TalkTalk expects to grow its full-year dividend by no less than 15 per cent. The firm's shares opened higher and rose 0.78 per cent to 322p.