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UK firm set to follow London Olympics success with central Glasgow 2014 role

In case you didn't already know, various forms of technology now combine to play a central role in the smooth running and organisation of modern sporting events.

A key element of any event's success revolves around, naturally, the spectators. This places a great deal of importance on the provision of live video and audio services.

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The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is no different and, back in October, UK-based company Sports Technology was unveiled as the official provider of large video screens and audio services.

It is responsible for the supply, installation and operational support of video screens and public address and audio systems across several competition and supporting venues, including the Athletes' Village, throughout the full 11 days of competition.

The opening ceremony at Celtic Park will provide the first setting for such equipment, with reports suggesting that a record-breaking 100m-wide digital screen is so be installed along the length of the stadium's South Stand.

"By working closely with [Sports Technology], I am confident we will be able to deliver a great spectator experience throughout our venues, as well as in areas at the heart of the Games such as the Athletes' Village," said deputy chief executive of Glasgow 2014, Ty Speer. "Sports Technology has a strong pedigree in delivering at large sports events, including previous Olympic and Commonwealth Games and I am sure they will play a key role in supporting the great atmosphere we are looking forward to at Games time."

The firm has developed a positive reputation following its work at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, the Wimbledon Championships and the Formula One Grand Prix. It will also be providing equipment for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

To put the scale of such an operation into context, Sports Technology's delivery for the London Olympics included 1,275 amplifiers, 3,224 speakers, over 12,000 metres of LED screen, 36 HD 20K projectors and 55 103in plasmas, as well as hundreds of staff and supporting equipment.

"Following on from our hugely successful involvement in the London 2012 Olympics and current projects around the Sochi Games, this contract clearly shows the real legacy of opportunities that exist around major sports events," said Sports Technology's director, Damian Rowe.

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"Our roots have developed across numerous Olympic, Commonwealth and similar events. Bringing this expertise to Scotland and engaging with local business to deliver our unique service will bring long-term opportunities both at home and abroad."

Other official Commonwealth Games providers include Ticketmaster, Trespass and Riedel Communications.