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Amazon reveals substantial database expansion for Prime Music service

Just a few weeks ago, Amazon added one more perk to its Prime service, gifting customers with a music streaming service. The launch was a bit clumsy, as many of the songs and artists searched for were not available. However, as I wrote at the time, I expected that to improve.

Today the first leap forward takes place. The retailer is adding hundreds of thousands of new songs to the service, and also promising hundreds of new playlists.

"The response we've had to Prime Music has far exceeded our expectations and we’re excited to make Prime Music even more valuable for Prime members", says Steve Boom, vice president of digital music for Amazon. "Prime Music was introduced just over a month ago and we’ve already significantly expanded the Prime Music catalogue. Prime members have been telling us how much they love Prime Playlists, so we’re also pleased to offer hundreds of great new playlists to make it easier to enjoy the best of Prime Music".

Prime Music adds ad-free streaming to an already full package that contains video, a Kindle lending library and two-day free shipping on all orders. The price recently rose, but the $99 (£58) doesn't seem to have phased most customers.

"Prime members in the U.S. can listen to Prime Music at, and on Kindle Fire HD/HDX, iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Eligible customers who are not already Prime members can try Prime Music with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime", the company states.