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Apple readies 4K iMac and industry-shifting MacBook for late 2014

Apple plans to blast its desktop and laptop competitors out of the water with a range of new Mac computers that come with 4K resolutions as standard and are released alongside its highly anticipated new OS X Yosemite.

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Several sources told 9to5Mac that OS X Yosemite, which gets its public beta release later today, will be released to Apple Mac users towards the end of October and could confirm the final details at a launch event for its new health and fitness wristband in the same month.

It’s planned that Apple will continue to release Developer Preview versions of the OS X every two to three weeks before a final version on 29 September. This precedes the golden master build that is expected to be out on or near 10 October before it hits the App Store, free-of-charge, at the end of October.

Sources also told 9to5Mac that several new Mac computers are in the pipeline as part of a next generation line of machines that will be characterised by 4K resolution displays and this includes a smaller MacBook as well as an iMac or standalone monitor.

The new MacBook will have a 12in Retina display with a noticeably thinner and lighter aluminium body, and Apple thinks it has the ability to move the laptop industry forward in a significant new direction with the new machines. It’s unclear whether it will call this device a smaller MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air, or something else entirely.

When it comes to the aforementioned iMac, the 4K desktop could be sold as a “Retina” machine, though the technology doesn’t exist that can double the pixels of the current 27in iMac or Thunderbolt display.

The new higher resolution Macs are said to be a major selling point for OS X Yosemite and Apple will push this when the machines are released as well as new versions of iMovie and Final Cut Pro that include added support for editing, exporting and importing content from 4K cameras.

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Both computers are on track to be released to the general public in either late Q3 or early Q4, or at the very latest early 2015 due to the sheer time and effort being expended on the iPhone 6 and health wristband.