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BBC Sport adds Chromecast support in time for the Commonwealth Games

The BBC has updated its Sport app for iOS and Android devices to include support for Google's Chromecast.

The update has been finalised in time for the opening of the Commonwealth Games and will allow users to view live and on demand sport, including up to 17 live streams of the games, on TV via Chromecast.

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Since its release in the UK back in March, the HDMI streaming device has proved popular due its simplicity and low price point.

Sam Taylor, the senior Android engineer for BBC Sport, praised the impact of the new update.

"After the success of the Chromecast integration in BBC iPlayer, we had a unique opportunity to take all of the multi-stream content from the BBC Sport website and provide our users with a new way of viewing this summer's live sporting events on the big screen."

Chromecast support for the BBC iPlayer catch-up service was originally launched in March to coincide with the UK release of the HDMI dongle.

Taylor also said that BBC Sport worked closely with the iPlayer team to "define and create a reusable component which would enable us to include this functionality in the BBC Sport app."

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The Commonwealth Games began this week and the BBC has promised more than 1,300 hours of live coverage, so viewers now have another way of keeping up-to-date with all the action.