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Cyberith Virtualizer lets you run and jump in virtual reality [VIDEO]

We've been getting pretty excited about the prospect of virtual gaming – a truly immersive experience where you are plunged fully into your favourite entertainment title.

Oculus Rift has set us on that journey with the invention of its virtual reality headset. But realistic immersion is one thing, how you control yourself in that computer generated environment is another.

This is where the Cyberith Virtualizer comes in. It's a gaming rig that lets you walk, run and jump throughout virtual reality environments. Part harness, part baby bouncer and part 360 treadmill, the Virtualizer will allow players to feel tangibly present in digital environments.

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It works using a low friction, flat base-plate. Players can walk in upon the platform supported by a frame made up of a triumvirate of vertical poles. Each pole is attached to the player via an arm that attaches to a central ring around the player's waist that includes a fabric harness.

Much like a harness you'd use in rock climbing, the end result is something that looks like an adult-sized baby walker. If baby walkers were to come with plastic guns and virtual warzone environments.

The project's Kickstarter page goes into greater detail of how exactly the rig's mechanics work. Vibration units relying on audio transducers rather than rumble packs sit in the base plate. These provide haptic feedback for if, for example, a grenade explodes next to you in-game.

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Meanwhile, optical sensors detect the movement of your feet on the baseplate and sensors inside the three pillars detect whether you're crouching or standing.

As exciting as this is for the possibility of virtual gaming, Cyberith believes that there could be applications for psychological therapy, education, training and architecture. Technically, architects could use the rig to walk clients through models of their building designs before a single brick has been laid.

At the time of writing Cyberith has raised $179,115 of its $250,000 goal, an impressive amount considering it still has 37 days of fundraising to go. To donate money yourself (or to find out more about the project) check out the Kickstarter page here.