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Go exploring with the new update to Google Maps

Summer is the holiday season for many people, and that means maps and travel apps become a priority. After all, when you're in an unfamiliar location, you're fending for yourself finding virtually anything, from museums to restaurants and everything else.

Now Google Maps is adding a new Explore feature that will attempt to assist lost travellers. A new "Explore" button will be located at the bottom right of the maps screen, and tapping on it will open a new world of information.

"With Explore as your guide, you’ll see different places and activities that adapt to each area and moment throughout your day. This also works when you’re browsing other neighbourhoods and cities on the map so you can plan your day’s outing or daydream about your next vacation", the search giant states.

Users can also decide on the radius, and those decisions can be based on walking or driving distance. However, Google promises this will "change based on context like the time of day and the weather, too". In other words, it won't send you to the park if it's going to rain.

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Once you arrive at a selected location, more information will be provided that is specific to the place you are in. This can include reviews of a restaurant, transit maps and times, and the like.

Google promises this new feature will slowly improve over time, as more and more people use it. There is a trade-off - you give Google location data, but you get convenience back for it.