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Google has inked a deal to snag Twitch for $1bn

According to the latest buzz on the acquisitions front, Google has sealed the rumoured deal to buy the game streaming service Twitch.

Speculation concerning the fact that this move was on the cards first emerged back in May, when two sources spilled beans to the Wall Street Journal, and a further report from Variety mentioned a $1 billion (£590 million) or more price.

And it seems that a billion is the magic number, according to the latest report from Venturebeat, which cites sources who state that the deal has been confirmed at around this figure.

The exact price, or when the move will be formally announced, still isn't clear, but we'd imagine it'll be pretty soon following this leakage.

Venturebeat notes that the YouTube division will be in charge of the acquisition, which of course makes sense. YouTube already allows gamers to show off their skills via uploaded gameplay videos, but of course Twitch is a dedicated live streaming service with some 45 million unique viewers per month. Plus it's also integrated with both major new consoles, the Xbox One and PS4, which is obviously an attraction.

Some Twitch fans are unsurprisingly dubious about what this will mean for the site in the future – and generally not looking forward to the prospect of more ads, or Google blocking streams for copyright issues.

Google's PR machine will have its work cut out when it comes to the usual "nothing will change with the service, honest!" line that's generally trotted out alongside an acquisition.