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Tech News Weekly Podcast 28: Can Cortana help WIndows Phone stave off iPhone 6 competition?

With the sun blazing outside, the ITProPortal team retreated indoors to the murky shade of our studio to record our latest episode of the Tech News Weekly podcast.

First up, it's another week and another security threat. Our resident cyber threat guru, Paul Cooper, has been finding out about Kronos, a new banking Trojan making the rounds in the UK. It's capable of stealing credentials from browsing sessions in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome by using form-grabbing and HTML content injection techniques - so naturally Paul is here to outline some of the ways you can protect yourself against it.

It's not all doom and gloom though, because Microsoft has officially confirmed that the UK version of Cortana will launch for developers within the next fortnight - and it's going to have a British accent. Alysia Judge runs through exactly what Cortana is and, intruigingly, whether it can help Windows Phone stave off fierce competition from the forthcoming iPhone 6.

Next up, Tom Phelan disects news that Amazon has officially launched its Kindle Unlimited service in the US. It works like a sort of "all you can eat" buffet, giving users access to an unlimited digital library of books for just $9.99 a month. But what does this mean for the publishing industry, and will authors miss out on profits?

Finally Aatif Sulleyman has been seething with anger over the official confirmation of what we've all suspected for a while - Britain is being ripped off. UK consumers pay a huge premium on technology gadgets compared to other customers around the globe - and the frustrating thing is that no one is explaining why. That's why the team takes it upon themselves to come up with their own theories...

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