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US drone finds missing man in just 20 minutes

A model drone has helped to find a elderly man with Alzheimer's who had been missing for three days.

Search teams using dogs, helicopters and numerous volunteers had already combed the area around Fitchburg, Wisconsin for Guillermo DeVenecia.

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Mr DeVenecia, 82, was found approximately 20 minutes after the drone joined the search effort.

It is thought that the successful rescue will put pressure on US legislation restricting the use of drones in search and rescue operations.

David Lesh, who operated the drone, decided to join the community-wide effort after returning to the local area to visit his girlfriend's family. He normally uses the craft to make videos for his skiing and snowboarding business in Colorado.

"I never thought that I would be using it to find somebody," Mr Lesh said in an interview with NBC.

Despite being missing for three days, Mr DeVenecia was only found to be mildly dehydrated and believed he had been out for a short walk.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is in charge of regulating the use of drones in the US, but has recently faced a number of legal battles challenging its restrictions.

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In March, a US court found that the FAA rules banning the commercial use of drones were illegal as they had not done enough to solicit public opinion on the matter. The FAA has appealed against the decision.

The FAA has also indicated that it will look into how it governs the use of drones and publish new regulations by the end of 2015.