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West Sussex gives residents more clarity with performance dashboard

West Sussex County Council has become the first in the UK to give its residents free access to real-time performance data.

According to the local authority, communities and journalists will be able to monitor and measure how it is performing against key targets for the first time via a dedicated dashboard.

It claims that this information can then be integrated within the users own websites or social media feeds.

West Sussex says that it is the first local authority in the country to revolutionise the way it handles performance management and monitoring.

“Moving from paper to digital and giving residents the opportunity to see our performance at the same time as we do opens our accountability and gives us a very visual way of explaining how and what we’re doing for our residents and communities, where and how we are spending the council tax,” claimed Louise Goldsmith, the council’s leader.

“It’s very much in line with our agenda to be more transparent and open,” she added.

The platform’s visitors will be able to see the local authority’s performance against 12 key targets linked to its Future West Sussex vision of giving children the best start in life, growing the economy and supporting the elderly.

Platform developed by US software firm

The performance dashboard, which cost £20,000, is called GovStat and was developed by US software company Socrata.

The firm claims that it allows organisations to unlock data and transform it into useful and usable information that people can easily access, share and reuse via the Internet.