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Wi-Fi Monitor Plus Android app launches for SMBs through to enterprises

ManageEngine has announced the launch of a new app which is free, and allows IT admins to monitor and analyse Wi-Fi networks.

The Android app, Wi-Fi Monitor Plus, covers from SMBs right up to large enterprises, and you can download it here. It offers both Analyser and Surveyor modes.

The former offers an overview of available Wi-Fi networks, along with detailed info on signal strength and a breakdown of channels which are suffering from interference, so you can tackle issues or switch away from those clogged channels.

Switch to Surveyor mode, and the app lets you survey any given site for where the best signal strength areas are. It's possible to upload a floor plan of your office to be able to get a visual representation of where the hottest (and coldest) Wi-Fi spots are.

The developers say the app boasts a simple and easy to use interface, and it also filters signals intelligently, showing only the stronger signals to keep the UI less cluttered (you can, of course, opt to view all Wi-Fi signals including the weakest ones if you so wish).

It certainly sounds like it's worth a whirl for those looking for a Wi-Fi analysis tool, and it's free so you've got literally nothing to lose.

Vidya Vasu, head of the ManageEngine community and Free Tools, commented: "IT admins responsible for ensuring good network connectivity will immensely benefit from this app. The channel interference graph that shows both co-channel and inter-channel interference is a unique functionality that adds value by equipping the IT admins with actionable information. They can quickly decide on a course of action such as turning off a channel to increase the Wi-Fi signal strength."