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For Apple’s next trick... A 15in MacBook Pro with a whopping 16GB RAM

Apple’s race to pack as much power into its MacBook Pro machines as possible shows no sign of dissipating with rumours pointing to an unprecedented uplift in its RAM aspirations.

Related: Apple MacBook Pro 15in (2013) review carries a leaked photo from China that purports to show Apple is ready to upgrade each 15in Retina MacBook Pro to 16GB of RAM that could mean it’s then upgradable to 32GB.

This has then led many to speculate that the 13in MacBook Pro will now come with 8GB of RAM as standard to give the full range of laptops considerable clout for the coming months.

The leaked photo also reveals that all 15in Retina models come with an Intel Core i7 processor in a variety of speeds. There will be a 2.2GHz that can reach 3.4GHz with Turbo Boost, a 2.5GHz chip that goes up to 3.7GHz, and a 2.8GHz model that hits highs of 4.0GHz.

Graphics-wise the machines come with different capabilities depending on the model with the 2.2GHz laptop including Intel Iris Pro Graphics and the other two complete with a GeForce GT 750M GPU that has 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

Prices listed for the Chinese versions of machines range from 14,288 yuan [£1,357] for the base 2.2GHz model, to 18,688 yuan [£1,775] for 2.5GHz and 23,688 [£2,250] for the 2.8GHz MacBook Pro.

Apple is reportedly readying the new laptops for a release date in late October following the expected unveiling of its next smartphone, the iPhone 6, in mid-to-late September.

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The October event could see the arrival of the MacBook Pro alongside a smaller laptop and 4K enabled monitors or iMacs that Apple reportedly thinks will revolutionise the home computer market and take the industry off on a new tangent.