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LG G3 Prime potentially set to arrive in September

Were you impressed with the LG G3? We certainly were – it scored almost full marks when we reviewed the handset, and grabbed itself a Best Buy award into the bargain.

And a new version is on the cards which could possibly grab that half a star which the original G3 dropped in our review – the LG G3 Prime.

According to the latest on the mobile grapevine (via Trusted Reviews), this souped-up version of the G3 boasts an upgraded CPU, stepping up to the Snapdragon 805 from the 801 to help shift those many pixels around with more aplomb.

The performance of the device will also be helped by the RAM jumping from 2GB to 3GB – and it was hardly as if the G3 was sluggish, anyway, despite the 2,560 x 1,440 resolution it has to cope with.

LTE-A CAT 6 support is also on board the Prime, although that's really more relevant to South Korea, as there aren't any networks offering this in the UK (outside of trials and so forth), though London should see some super-speedy LTE-A coverage soon.

Otherwise, the phone spec remains the same, as do the excellent software features on board.

The G3 Prime is apparently due to hit Europe in September, or at least that's what the speculation suggests. Rumours from earlier this month also suggest that a budget variant is planned alongside a premium effort.

We may yet see a Prime version of the Galaxy S5 in the UK, as well, or at least a metal-bodied incarnation of the handset which might be known as the Galaxy Alpha.