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Microsoft Surface Mini tagged with yet another release date

Microsoft’s biggest secret is all-but out after rumours emerged that its smaller Surface tablet could arrive as early as October in order to bring the challenge to the raft of Android tablets currently taking the market by storm.

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Rumours coming out of the far East point to a slimmer and lighter version of the slate that will have a 10.6in display and begin component production next month, according to a source in the Taiwanese-based supply chain industry quoted by Digi-Times.

The same source added that the device is expected to have “better sales performance” than the Surface Pro 3 and Taiwan’s Pegatron will be manufacturing the slate.

It’s likely that the tablet will become part of the Surface 3 range, not a standalone device on its own, and volume production of the slate is anticipated to get underway in September.

Prior to Microsoft releasing the Surface Pro 3, rumours swirled for some time that the day would be dominated by a smaller tablet dubbed the Surface Mini that never actually saw the light of day.

Since the release of the Surface Pro 3, there have been erroneous references to the smaller tablet in Microsoft’s own official documentation and retailers even posted accessories for the device onto Amazon before hastily removing them.

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At the time it was not known why Microsoft didn’t release the smaller device and rumours pointed to everything from them wanting to make it an 8in tablet to it simply being a problem in the production line. What’s clear is that Microsoft’s small offering is coming and keep those eyes peeled for a launch event later this year.