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Star.21 fitness band aims to make getting fit a game

We can expect to see a lot of fitness products launching this year, and probably quite a few of them will be crowdfunded as well – including a new effort by the name of Star.21.

This is a fitness band from Oaxis which has just gone live on the Pozible crowdfunding site, and the idea here is that it turns your health and fitness into a game of sorts, to make all that gruelling sweaty exercise slightly more fun.

The Star.21 band comes with an app, and with this it utilises a gamified approach to fitness. The user is given daily targets for exercise (starting very gently, of course), and should they meet that goal, they're given a new slightly more stretching target. If they fail to meet said goal, then the user will fall back and need to repeat that day's target – in other words, you can level up, or not.

Star.21 tracks your calories burned and so forth, as well as sleep cycles (with a silent alarm to wake you in the morning), so it helps to manage health in terms of quality sleep as well as the fitness stuff. It also provides reminders as to when you've been sitting still for too long and should get up and go for a walk, when you should drink some water, or even go to bed.

If this is all starting to sound like a lot of nagging, the idea is that the system does this to begin with, but eventually you start doing these things automatically as a matter of good habit, so the reminders are done away with (after three weeks of usage, the makers claim).

Oh, and why the name? Apparently that's because the fitness band uses 21 LEDs that "form the display that illuminate like stars in the night sky". So there you have it – and indeed it's also a reference to the fact that the human brain can retrain and rewire itself in that many days.

Oaxis CEO G-Jay Yong explains: "Most Fitness Bands today do not work because the novelty is short lived. Our human brain is capable of rewiring itself in 21 days to establish new neural pathways. Through 21 days of repetitive actions, the long lasting healthy habits can be formed. This is based on Dr Maxwell Maltz's '21 days to form a habit' study. We designed our app on this principal concept to encourage the user to persevere through the 21 days."

The Star.21 starts from CNY199 (£19) and follows hot on the heels of the recent major Kickstarter success of the InkCase+ from Oaxis.