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BlackBerry acquires Secusmart to bolster the security of political leaders

BlackBerry is bolstering its mobile security defences with the purchase of Secusmart in order to further develop its enterprise wardrobe in a mobile setting.

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The major part of the deal, for which financial terms have yet to be disclosed, sees the German security specialist become a core part of BlackBerry’s security portfolio as well as its enterprise mobility management pitch.

CEO John Chen noted that the acquisition sees the two partners, who have worked together since 2009, amalgamate BlackBerry devices and security software to develop security for "classified communications for the country's highest public officials."

This mirrors Secusmart’s ambitious plans to put the technology in the hands of every chancellor and president the world over, according to ZDNet, and the news comes off the back of its release of a very successful piece of anti-eavesdropping software.

Secusmart Security Card is the main part of the company’s portfolio and it takes the form of a mini-computer that is integrated into a microSD card. It is comprised of an NXP SmartMX P5CT082 crypto-controller with a PKI compressor for authentication as well as additional high-speed coprocessor to encrypt voice and data communication. It means that everything from top-secret messages and emails to voice communications are completely secure.

"There should be no need to wait to get to a secure landline," said Secusmart CEO Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle. "It's easy to listen in and easy to create transcriptions," he said. "You need to protect voice. It's as important as PowerPoint."

The Canadian firm is currently facing a huge challenge in the enterprise stakes from a number of companies and the deal signed between Apple and IBM is just one such partnership it is having to combat.

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BlackBerry still boasts that it offers a superior service when it comes to the security of businesses and critical government agencies with customers that include all G7 governments, 16 of the G20 governments, and hundreds of reputable enterprise customers.