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Eventbrite acquires Twitter and Amazon Veteran

Eventbrite, the ticketing enterprise, recent hiring spree now includes Twitter and Amazon veteran Laurent Sellier.

Sellier the, now former, director of product management at Twitter told Business Insider "Kevin [Hartz, CEO of Eventbrite] and I have been talking for quite a while, since a few weeks after I started working at Twitter, and we've stayed in touch the whole time. This conversation has been ongoing for a long time."

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Sellier will take on the role of vice president of products and be responsible for the development of Eventbrite's "consumer side...including discovery and mobile applications."

It would appear that after a bumper 2013, in which Eventbrite processed over half a billion pounds worth of tickets, the company are looking to shorten the gap between themselves and industry leaders Ticketmaster.

However early this year the president of Eventbrite, Julia Hartz, said that their continued focus will be on its core customers.

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Prior to leading Twitter's recent redesign Sellier worked on the team that built the Amazon Kindle and surrounding architecture. The last project Sellier worked on before the move was bringing the Kindle Paperwhite to market.

Eventbrite's hiring of Sellier follows the acquisition of April Chang as vice president of consumer engineering and David Good as the director of discovery engineering, both former PayPal employees.