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How to charge your smartphone in just 15 minutes

When your smartphone battery is nearly dead just minutes before an important conference call, what do you do?

Before now, your only option was to get your hands on a charger and search every skirting board for a power outlet to drain as much juice as possible from in a short amount of time.

However, a new device will now let you fully charge your phone in just 15 minutes. Called the Ultrapak battery pack, it is a portable battery pack that breaks the constraining umbilical cord of a power socket cable.

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Now these aren't new, power packs have been around for a while. The difference with the Ultrapak is that it absorbs power around eight times faster than its rivals. In just fifteen minutes it will hold enough juice to fully charge a normal smartphone, meaning as an emergency resort it's the perfect product.

If you've got just fifteen minutes before taking an important call, getting on a plane or leaving the office, plugging the ultrapack in to charge will mean that by the time you need to leave you'll have a whole cell of battery ready to travel with you.

The Ultrapak comes in two sizes. The larger of the two sells for $100 (around £60) and is about the size of a man's wallet. It can charge a phone around four times over or a tablet once. The smaller one is $60 (around £35) and carries about a third of the battery capacity.

Alysia Judge
Alysia Judge

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