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Mobile app of the day: Notific

You may already be a fan of lock screen notifications – and use them to get a glimpse of what's important to you without actually having to fire up your handset. But not every app supports notifications for the lock screen, and different handsets handle notifications differently. Enter Notific which is a sophisticated notifications app that makes intelligent use of lock screen space to deliver notifications from any apps you like. And of course, you can take Notific from handset to handset so everything stays the same when you change phones.

The ability to decide which apps are included so that you only get notifications from the apps you really care about is crucial, and really easy to set up within Notific thanks to its blacklisting and whitelisting feature. The notifications themselves are easily paged through, selected for action or dismissed, all from the lock screen itself.

The app uses your handset's proximity sensor so that it doesn't turn the screen on when the phone is in your pocket, helping to save battery life. And as an extra little feature, it will even turn the screen on for you after a set period of time when you remove the phone from your pocket.

Click here to download Notific for Android.

Product: Notific

OS: Android

Price: £0.57