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Mozilla names new CEO: Chris Beard, who served as interim

Mozilla has picked a new CEO, finally, following the departure of Brendan Eich at the beginning of April, and the new man in the role is Chris Beard.

Eich, you may recall, left very swiftly only 11 days after being appointed, after it emerged that he backed a ballot measure to outlaw same-sex marriage in California, and a media frenzy ensued.

Let's hope that Chris Beard lasts for longer than a week and a half – he has actually been interim CEO, though, before stepping up to take on the full mantle of chief executive.

Beard joined Mozilla in 2004, although previous to returning to become interim CEO, he left for a year to join a venture capital firm, Greylock Partners (though he still remained an advisor to Mozilla's chairwoman, Mitchell Baker).

In terms of what he's done with Mozilla in the past, Beard has apparently been involved with many aspects of the business, including marketing, communications, product development, and user engagement.

Baker said of Beard: "Chris has a keen sense of where Mozilla has been – and where we're headed. He has unique experience connecting with every constituency that touches our products, including consumers, partners and community members. There's simply no better person to lead Mozilla as we extend our impact from Firefox on the desktop to the worlds of mobile devices and services."

Reid Hoffman, the Executive Chairman of LinkedIn, also offered his opinion: "I've worked with Chris for nearly a decade. He brings the leadership that inspires and unites community, products, and technology for a free and open web. He is the right CEO for Mozilla, as the organisation, community, and movement for open technologies."