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Big data could banish the impact of a bad sales experience

We've all had bad sales experiences at some time or another and they inevitably have a negative impact on our view on the company concerned.

A new study by mobile sales enablement specialist Showpad reveals that it can take years to recover from the damage caused to the customer relationship by a bad sales experience.

The survey also reveals a difference in perception between sales and marketing on the value of marketing material. A majority of sales professionals (64 per cent) think marketing content is neutral to ineffective, while 76 per cent of marketing people, unsurprisingly, rate their collateral as effective.

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"We have seen that the cost of a bad sales experience is high, with most companies leaving millions on the table. Fortunately there are powerful solutions to help companies to overcome these challenges," says Pieterjan Bouten, co-founder and CEO, Showpad. "Delivering the right content, in context, at the right time has proven to be critical to avoid a bad sales experience. Our mission at Showpad is to arm sales people with the right marketing collateral on any device so they can sell - successfully -anytime and anywhere".

In order to combat the problem of bad sales Showpad is announcing a partnership with analytics platform GoodData to deliver improved insight into the content that resonates with customers and prospects, enabling sales staff to close more deals.

This allows marketing teams to learn how well their message resonates with prospects and customers. At the same time sales teams are armed with the best content to convert leads anywhere and at any time.

You can find out more about the partnership and the survey results on the Showpad website.

Image Credit: Onypix / Shutterstock