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Google confirms it reads your emails to "help you have fun," tracks hotel reservations

Google has announced that it wants to help users have a good time while on holiday. While that sounds great, the search giant is doing it in a creepy way - by reading your emails.

Google explains, "traveling this summer? If your hotel confirmation is in your Gmail, you can now ask Google for things to do, eat or see to do nearby without the fuss looking up where you’re staying.

Tap the mic on the Google app and say 'Show me restaurants around my hotel' or 'Give me directions to my hotel from here'. You'll be finding your way around like a local in no time".

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Don't get me wrong, that sounds really neat and I am sure Google's intentions are good. However, think about what the company is saying. It will monitor all of your Gmail emails, in hopes that one of them will contain a hotel confirmation.

If it does find a confirmation, it will internally flag your profile. Then, the search giant's computers will essentially wait for you to ask them for nearby restaurants or directions near "my hotel".

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to opt in or opt out. So, if you book a hotel and expect that to be private - surprise, Google knows too! Of course, for tech geeks in the know, Google monitoring emails is nothing new - targeted advertising is what keeps the email service free. Still, it seems that every time Google thinks up a new way to utilise email monitoring, the service just feels a bit creepier.

What do you think about Google monitoring your emails for hotel confirmation? Creepy or cool? Tell me in the comments.

Photo credit: XiXinXing / Shutterstock