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Mobile app of the day: QCast Music

Picture the scene. It is party night, and you have a playlist to share. You could hook your iPod up to your stereo and let the playlist run through. Or you could take a more modern approach and use your Android handset and QCast Music. This currently works through a Google Play Music All Access subscription and sends playlists to your Chromecast, the dongle that connects your Android handset to your TV.

Once you are all hooked up, the playlist is ready to, well, play – complete with a range of fun tweaks.

Most notably, anyone else in the room can throw tunes at the playlist, adding to the mix as the evening progresses. People can also decide they don't like songs on the list, and if enough people feel the same way about a song it is passed over and not played. As the party host and owner of the playlist you have full control and can do things like skip tracks and fiddle with volume from within the app. Other services are reportedly coming soon with Spotify maybe in the mix. I hope access to local music collections also gets added!

Click here to download QCast Music for Android.

Product: QCast Music

OS: Android

Price: Free (with Google Play Music subscription)