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Ramadan tweets top 215 million amid Gaza violence

Unprecedented numbers of Muslims around the world have been celebrating Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in 140 characters, according to Twitter's press office.

With Ramadan coming to an end this week, Muslims worldwide are celebrating #Eid al-Fitr and going to Twitter to wish their friends and family #EidMubarak.

According to Twitter, there were more than 215 million tweets during the month of Ramadan discussing topics such as #iftar, #suhour and #prayers.

The statistics also revealed a number of interesting habits surrounding the use of social media throughout the Islamic festival, which sees Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Twitter found that tweet volume dropped sharply after sunset and rebounded shortly afterwards.

This trend is likely due to it being time to break the fast and eat, so people are not online but are spending time at the meal with their family.

Tweet volume also increased heavily before sunrise: Several countries had high activity since after midnight and slowly decreased over time. Some countries had the Tweets volume peak around sunrise (for instance Saudi Arabi), while some had the peak before sunrise (Malaysia, for example), near the time for Suhoor (the pre-dawn meal‎ before fasting) and Fajr prayer.