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Jolla signs first major operator partnership in Asia with 3 Hong Kong

Jolla is expanding its worldwide footprint after signing a partnership with 3 Hong Kong to distribute its handset in the Far East territory.

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The Finnish firm, which launched its first handset back in November 2013, plans to start selling its phone in Hong Kong through 3 retailers from 12 August and it’s the first “major” operator partnership that it has signed in Asia.

Anyone interested in buying the smartphone in Hong Kong is encouraged to register via 3 Hong Kong’s site to be in with the chance of attending the Jolla Experience Night that has been set up to celebrate the launch of the smartphone.

When registering for the launch event and subsequently buying the smartphone, new owners will be entered into a prize draw for a limited edition Jolla VIP Pack that includes the phone as well as three “The Other Half” covers in Poppy Red, Keira Black and Aloe.

The Jolla smartphone runs on the Sailfish OS that was formed from the ashes of the MeeGo platform last year and the gesture based UI has already received four updates since it was launched.

As well as supporting Sailfish apps, the OS is able to run Android apps and it can also be installed on Android hardware. This has led to many in the Sailfish community to experiment with the OS on various Android handsets such as the Google Nexus, Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy.

Its global expansion efforts have also been well documented in recent months and have seen it sign deals in other Asian markets, such as India and Kazakhstan, and the phone has been available to buy in the latter since 25 July.

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In addition to this, it is available in all EU countries and the price of €399 [£328] is similar to what customers in Hong Kong can expect to shell out to acquire one of the handsets.