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BBC launches popular CBeebies Storytime app to encourage pre-schooler literacy

The BBC has released a second app based on its CBeebies television channel for Android and iOS.

Following the success of the previous "Playtime" app, which has close to three million downloads. Elizabeth Leadbeater, senior content producer of the app, said "our hope is to incite a genuine interest in reading, storytelling and to demonstrate that fun!"

CBeebies Playtime App has been consistently updated with new content since its release in August last year.

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The app features CBeebies presenter, Alex Winters, as the voice guiding the user through the app which includes six "CBeebies classics": Something Special, Charlie and Lola, The Octonauts, Old Jack's Boat, Show Me Show Me and Grandpa in My Pocket. The app also emulates the tactile experience of reading a book with the visual and audio enhancements offered by the digital platform.

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To provide utility to a wider range of children the app features two modes "Read to me" and "Read by myself".

In addition to the story books the app includes tips and support for parents and guardians to encourage reading development. The creators of the app worked with Dr. Sarah McGeown, lecturer of developmental psychology at the University of Edinburgh, to create "recall questions" that allegedly "extend the learning benefit" of the app.