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eBay announces global gender diversity figures

eBay has released details on its global gender diversity stats, and US ethnic diversity, data which the auction site says it will be publishing on an annual basis going forward for the sake of better transparency.

eBay (and PayPal) employs over 33,000 people across the world, and globally, 58 per cent of those workers are men, and 42 per cent women. Tech staff, however, are much more slanted towards the male worker, with 76 per cent versus 24 per cent. Non-tech staff are an almost dead even split, with 51 per cent men.

Leadership is the other category heavily favouring men, with 72 per cent of directors and above being male.

eBay said in a statement: "As our data shows, we have made progress in some areas. But we still have much work to do."

You can see the full stats and breakdown of US ethnic diversity in the graphic below.

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The company also noted that in terms of ensuring more female staff achieve leadership roles, the WIN program set up three years ago has more than doubled the number of women in said director or above roles. WIN is the Women's Initiative Network which aims to "attract and engage women to build lasting, successful careers in the company".

In terms of eBay's LGBT workforce, the company boasted that it achieved a score of 100 per cent on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index, and has done so since 2009.

eBay says it actively recruits from the LGBT community, and provides "progressive benefits" for staff members.

Twitter also recently revealed its workforce diversity stats, with only 30 per cent of the social network's staff being female, so eBay's release is nicely timed to look good against those figures (and indeed versus other tech giants like Facebook on 31 per cent, and Google which is also on just 30 per cent).