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Hailo turns up the heat this summer, giving 20% off London cab rides

Hailo, the app that lets customers call a taxi to wherever they are using GPS to pinpoint their position, is offering Londoners 20 per cent off cab rides between the rush hours.

"All this August we're offering everyone 20% off all taxis between 10am - 5pm on weekdays," Hailo announced on Friday.

"Swap that sweaty tube for a cool cab and enjoy a low-cost taxi ride on us."

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The best thing is, there's no promo code to enter or hassle of any kind. Simply take a ride, pay by card, and the 20 per cent discount is automatically shown on your receipt.

Hailo is available on Android and iOS.

The new summer deal won't be to the liking of everyone, however.

The likes of Hailo and rival Uber are becoming a major issue with cab drivers across Europe, as they argue it isn't right that they aren't subject to the same regulation as licensed cab drivers. There have been major protests in Milan, over in Italy, and London cabbies are planning a protest, on 11 June, against the way TfL has dealt with Uber's presence in London.

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