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Whitepaper: HP ProLiant Moonshot System with NGINX Plus

For customers looking for high-density compute systems for running homogeneous workloads at massive scale, HP ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridge is an ideal platform. The first-generation Moonshot server cartridge is based on the Intel® Atom processor S1260, and it is designed for running static Web-serving workloads.

Based on market share analysis of the most popular Web servers (commercial and non-commercial), HP identified several Web server products that would benefit customers interested in using Moonshot servers to host websites. HP chose the NGINX Plus Web Servers as the marquee Web-serving solution on the current-generation Moonshot platform. NGINX Plus from NGINX Inc. is one of the most popular Web servers, holding a 35-percent share of the top 1,000 websites in the world.

The objective of testing NGINX Plus with HP ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridges was to analyse the behaviour of NGINX Plus under various synthetic workloads and to characterise the performance of HP ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridges for rendering static Web pages using NGINX Plus. As part of this testing, the same workloads were executed on comparable x86 servers of different types with the intention of arriving at a performance equivalency metric.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.