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Apple pushes iPhone with new advert focusing on applications in work

Apple has put together a new advert in its "powerful" series, and where the initial ad concentrated on play (and, among other things, a band playing "Gigantic" by the Pixies and tuning instruments and so forth), the new one focuses instead on work.

The more serious look at the iPhone's potential shows it being used by a vet for an electrocardiogram on a horse, the emergency services, by a jeweller to zoom in on and craft a diamond ring, and a doctor in a foreign land who uses it to translate what a patient is saying.

Check out the full video of the advert above (which was spotted by the Verge).

The background sound track isn't nearly as cool as Kim Deal's awesome bass line driven Gigantic, mind you.

The apps featured in the advert include Vaavud Wind Meter, Response Deck, iTranslate Voice, and Veterinary AliveECG, among others.

Apple has also produced a "powerful" advert concerning home life and parenthood. As we've discussed in the past, this is a cleverly crafted emotive campaign which focuses not on the cold side of the technology, but the empowering benefits the handset brings to those heroes (in this case, as the theme song states) who use it.

These ads are getting plenty of airtime, too, which obviously doesn't hurt.

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